1. Is this what 20 is like?

    Earning, losing, buying, getting. Power, energy, music, love. Get it folks? The past couple weeks have been pretty god damn nuts for me. I can always tell when times are getting stressful for me because I begin paying a lot less attention when I drive and I spend countless hours watching “Tales of Mere Existence” (great series I’ve loved for a while, check it out ya’ goof.) Things began to get whack when I get a call from Michael, everyone’s favorite jazz boy, and he tells me we own 800 bucks for the shithole apartment we allegedly trashed during this summer’s sublease. You know you’re getting old when you start owing people stuff. Really big stuff. Never take an apartment as is in Tallahassee unless you want weeks of sore temples. Anyways, this is about the time my brakes had broke (somebody stop me). I learned that you need to get a few estimates before you pay anything. You know you’re getting older when you realize your parents really do know more about how life works than your sixteen year old self chose to acknowledge. 


  2. What I love about Louis C.K.

    There’s no doubt that Louis C.K. is a fantastic comedian. I believe that Louis is on his way to being the most celebrated comedian of this generation. What I find great about the guy’s comedy is that he isn’t doing or saying anything inherently funny. Most of the time he just points out things as they are and states very observable facts. So why is it funny? In my opinion, Mr. CK is hilarious because he’s making a world usually perceived in a serious manner look ridiculous. It’s almost painful to think that there is any truth in the absurdities he describes or that they have any bearing in the real world, but the fact of the matter is, our reality is really that absurd. Most people really are as clueless and doofy as the characters in Louis’ narratives. Parenting really is a hellish nightmare for most parents. Guys really do masturbate a lot and plenty of girls get by in life by being the lady that guys wanna bang. It’s bonkers to think we can stoop that low but hey, it is what it is. Louis CK is often labeled as a depressing, dark comic by people. I contend that those people can fuck off and that Louis CK is one of the most positive comics out there. Why? Because life is not serious. If you think it is, I’m sure Louis can point out plenty of examples to counter that thought. I honestly doubt the man’s aim is to make you feel bleak about this existence. I do believe, however, that he is trying to point out that life is a ridiculous self-writing comedy that shouldn’t be scrutinized but enjoyed and laughed at.


  3. I don’t want to be rich, I want to be successful




    I don’t know but I’m going to remember this moment forever Tumblrbot


  6. Done with my medical pursuits

    Follow your dreams and do what you want because one of these days you might wish you had

  7. ohyeahdevelopmentalbiology:


    Kinase Inhibitors Speed the Development of Stem Cells

    The process researchers use to generate induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)—a special type of stem cell that can be made in the lab from any type of adult cell—is time consuming and inefficient. To speed things up, researchers at Sanford-Burnham turned to kinase inhibitors. These chemical compounds block the activity of kinases, enzymes responsible for many aspects of cellular communication, survival and growth. As they outline in a paper published in Nature Communications, the team found several kinase inhibitors that, when added to starter cells, help generate many more iPSCs than the standard method. This new capability will likely speed up research in many fields, better enabling scientists around the world to study human disease and develop new treatments.

    Read more: http://www.laboratoryequipment.com/news/2012/09/kinase-inhibitors-speed-development-stem-cells


  8. Trying to get into the ad world

    Time for a mac =D


  9. Ohhh, don’t laugh at mentally challenged people, laugh at people who act like mentally challenged people. I get it now.

  10. timandericmosthandsome:

    SNL opening stills